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A little about what EcoJoe® can do.

Unique real estate promotional gift for your client

We designed EcoJoe® to be eye catching and modernized St Joseph’s image. It is a great promotional gift for your clients. If you are a real estate green professional, it also helps you stand out from the crowd of realtors. It is a real real estate marketing purple cow!

Green alternative to plastic St Joseph statues that are harmful to environment

Plastic St. Joseph statues release poisonous toxins into our water, soil and eco-system during breakdown. Plastic is also a by-product of crude oil. Its production releases toxic chemicals into our atmosphere, takes away valuable water resources and poisons our grounds. EcoJoe® is a great all natural alternative.

He’s all natural, won’t harm the earth!

EcoJoe® is made with 100% clay, hand molded, fired in kiln and left out to air dry for 30-40 days. The biodegradable packaging is printed with soy based ink on 100% recycled cardboard (gift kit) or stone paper (regular kit). We also purchased carbon credits to offset the carbon produced during shipping and manufacturing.

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28 December


    Hi there! Starting January 1, 2014, we will be merging the EcoJoe shop with our sister company’s. To shop the New Year Sale, please head on over to !   Cheers, Team EcoJoe Related posts: ANNIVERSARY SALE! New Year, New Website! St Joseph Statue Flash Sale!! Happy Father’s Day! Happy Chinese New Year! […]

8 August


WOOHOO! Where did the time go? Today is our 4th anniversary! To celebrate, we are throwing a 40% off storewide sale until the end of this weekend!!! To take advantage of the anniversary sale on your favorite eco-friendly St Joseph statues, use coupon code woohoo4 when you check out.   Related posts: Happy St Joseph’s Day! […]

18 March

Happy St Joseph’s Day!

  Tomorrow is St Joseph’s Day!! To celebrate this occasion, we are running a 20% off STORE-WIDE Sale! Just use the coupon code HAPPYBDAY2013 when you check out. Hurry! Sale ends this Sunday!!!   Here is a little more background on the celebration, courtesy of The feast day of St. Joseph is celebrated on […]


What people are saying.

  • Shell Brodnax, President/CEO Real Estate Staging Association

    When I first was made aware of Eco Joe I was absolutely impressed, even speechless. While I knew of the Saint Joseph tradition in Real Estate, the Eco friendly spin on this long time tradition was truly genius. The founder Cindy Lin is truly a rising star in today’s real estate community.


    - Shell Brodnax, President/CEO Real Estate Staging Association
  • Bob Lance, Enhanced by Lance Home Staging Company

    Eco-Joe is an exciting new addition to the family of extras we offer in our Real Estate staging business. The long honored tradition of invoking heavenly help for a homes sale rounds out our program to help sellers sell faster. Being eco friendly is a definite plus that fits our company standards.

    - Bob Lance, Enhanced by Lance Home Staging Company
  • Ashley Whittenberger, Certified Window Treatment Professional, Real Estate Staging Expert, Award Winning Top-Producer

    We market Eco-Joe on our website in order to help with SEO and to highlight the fact that we are a eco-conscious business. Most recently, we gave a way Eco-Joe’s at a real estate conference (the them was Growing a Greener city, so Joe fit right in). We also take Eco-Joe’s with us to functions at real estate related functions as “bread and butter” gifts to thank our host and hostesses, and we give Eco-Joe as gifts to our top clients.

    Eco-Joe helps stagers in marketing their businesses, in generating additional revenue streams and in creating an awareness around the environment and how important stagers/ re-designers are in this process.


    - Ashley Whittenberger, Certified Window Treatment Professional, Real Estate Staging Expert, Award Winning Top-Producer
  • 4 Star Review by Carolyn B. via
    bless this home…and sell it fast!, August 22, 2011
    By Carolyn H. Burton (Sweet Briar, VA) -
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    We added St. Joseph to our front yard about 2 months after our house went on the market. With 2 other homes in our neighborhood for sale, ours was the first to sell! And I felt good about the natural products, since I wasn’t planning on digging him up afterwards… I know, that’s against the rules…
    - 4 Star Review by Carolyn B. via
  • 5 Star Review by N.A. via

    By N. A. from IL on March 26, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase

    I ordered & received the EcoJoe on-line in January 2012. Within a month, we had a contract on my dad’s house. And we closed on the house today! I enjoyed reading all the antidotes, on-line, from other people’s experiences with their St Joseph statue. I kept EcoJoe on my kitchen table while trying to decide when & where I would bury it. I told a friend the house was sold before I had a chance to bury the statue. She told me you don’t even have to bury it, for it to bring you good luck. And that is my happy ending.
    - 5 Star Review by N.A. via
  • 5 Star Review by Karin T. via
    Amazon Verified Purchase

    My folks had been trying to sell their house for about 6 months. This economy is tough, but they were excited to have an offer about two months into it. They went all the way up to closing when the buyer backed out. Finally in November of 2011 they pulled their home from the market. I bought this St. Joseph statue as a gag for them for Christmas. I attached him to the top of a package. He was a hit at our family unwrapping party as he was passed from guest to guest. The packaging is clever and rather entertaining. In January my parents re-listed their home. They followed the directions for St. Joe’s magic and buried in him. Their house sold in two weeks! Eco Joe is a fun gift and is ecologically friendly. I recommend him to anyone who is trying to sell a home. His price is reasonable, so what, beyond a few bucks, have you got to loose?
    - 5 Star Review by Karin T. via

Our Story


Do you know that during the construction of a two-bedroom single family home, the process can produce enough waste to fill up one of the bedrooms that we had just built?

We were just as shocked when we found out. Real estate can be a very un-green industry, and our goal behind EcoJoe® is to raise awareness and open up dialogue without preaching to our consumers.

EcoJoe® is a green alternative to existing plastic St. Joseph products on the real estate market. St Joseph statues are often forgotten once the properties are sold, or the sellers simply forget where they buried him. As time goes on, plastic degrades and releases toxins that come back into our food through poisoning water sources, soil and our eco-system. Moreover, plastic is derived from crude oil. The production of plastic products release many toxic chemical by-products into our atmosphere, takes away valuable water resources and poisons our grounds.

EcoJoe® solves that ecological problem of plastic so that forgetting to dig Saint Joseph up leaving EcoJoe® in the ground to bless the next homeowners is perfectly okay.

EcoJoe® respects the Catholic tradition and promotes learning of Saint Joseph.

Each EcoJoe® is made with 100% clay, hand pressed into molds and then sent through the kiln firing process, left out to air-dry for 30-40 days. The product is 100% eco-friendly. Unlike its plastic counter parts, the process of making an EcoJoe® produces minimal and significantly less harmful by-product. Furthermore, when left buried in the ground, unlike plastic St Joseph statues, EcoJoe® does not leach harmful chemicals into our soils and water sources. The packaging of EcoJoe® is also environmentally friendly. The regular EcoJoe’s packaging is printed with soy based ink onto stone paper, that is bio-degrable. The packaging itself is an one sheet that folds into the box packaging without using glue. The gift version’s packaging is printed with soy based ink on recycled paper. You can visit our Why Not Plastic page for more informational on using plastic products.

EcoJoe® has been very fortunate to have amazing fans’ support from the beginning, and have received industry award nomination (Real Estate Staging Association’s 2009 Product of the Year finalist), as well as notable press from the likes of Entrepreneur Magazine, MarketWatch, Apartment Therapy, VARbuzz, and many others. We are now retailed online, on, and selected retailers throughout the nation. If you are interested in wholesaling EcoJoe® in your store, please contact us at or fill out this wholesaler form to receive more information on wholesaling or request samples.

We can also imprint your logo on EcoJoe® packaging to make it a complete promotional gift.