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Our Founding Ideal

After working in real estate for 4+ years Cindy Lin realized that people will bury St Joseph statues no matter what, so why not bury an eco-friendly one?

Our goal at EcoJoe™ is to provide a greener alternative to existing plastic St. Joseph products on the real estate market. St Joseph statues are often forgotten once the properties are sold, or the sellers simply forget where they buried him. As time goes on, plastic degrades and releases toxins that come back into our food through poisoning water sources, soil and our eco-system.

EcoJoe solves that ecological problem of plastic so that forgetting to dig Saint Joseph up leaving EcoJoe in the ground to bless the next homeowners is perfectly okay.

At the same time, EcoJoe respects the Catholic tradition and promotes learning of Saint Joseph.


We are here to shake things up a little. The current green real estate education has the stigma of being BORING. Let’s face it, radon gas is not exactly sexy. We are here to rock the status quo and bring awareness to the real estate community on how ungreen we can be during the resale process. Did you know in building a typical 2-bedroom townhouse we produce enough trash to fill up one of the bedrooms we just built? Furthermore, 80% of the “waste” are recyclable! Yet, most of the time they end up in landfills.

We believe we will change the way real estate industry uses plastic. Join the plastic revolution today by making a baby step: putting one less plastic Saint Joseph statue into the ground.

Perks + Why You Should

Everyone loves EcoJoe once they meet him in person. EcoJoe is a TOTAL Real Estate Marketing PURPLE COW. (Sidenote: If you don’t know what Purple Cow means, read Seth Godin’s book or just Google it. It will change your business.) We can also imprint your logo on EcoJoe packaging to make it a complete promotional gift.

Its eye-catching graphics and unique aspects bring conversations to the table of green real estate education that was once seen as dry and boring. EcoJoe is a great marketing tool for agents and real estate professionals to differentiate themselves from their competition while simultaneously showcasing themselves as green, socially responsible professionals who are ahead of their competitors.

Besides, just because plastic is easy, doesn’t mean you should use it. While plastic is cheap on the face value, it is actually not cheap. New York Times Best Seller of The Long Tail and Wired Editor Chris Anderson points out in his book Free: The Future of Radical Price that the result of plastic was the birth of disposable culture.

In 1960s, brightly colored disposable goods represented modernity, the triumph of industrial technology over material scarcity. Throwing away manufactured goods was not wasteful; it was the privilege of an advanced civilization.

After the 1970s, attitudes toward this superabundance began to change. The environmental cost of a disposable consumer culture became more obvious. Plastic may have seemed close to free, but that’s only because we weren’t pricing it properly. Include the environmental costs — the “negative externalities” — and maybe it doesn’t feel as right to toss out that McDonald’s Happy Meal toy after one play. A generation started recycling. Our attitudes toward abundant resources moved from personal psychology (“it’s free to me”) to collective psychology (“it’s not free to us”).

So you see, going green not only is a socially responsible choice, it is also an economical one and a smart one.

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Curious about Our Team?

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We are currently seeking capable Social Media Marketing Interns (did you know that EcoJoe was purely launched through social media? EcoJoe is truly a web 2.0 ready Saint!), contact us here.

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