St. Joseph Hunts for Pocket Size Friends

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What’s pocket sized, useful, and perfect for multi-purpose?  Our answer is always an EcoJoe St. Joseph figure.  Extra blessings, extra luck, and if he spends a little time in your yard he may help with the sale of your home?  What more can you ask for from a pint-sized friend?

Well…I guess there *could* be a few more things.  This little guy caught my eye on a friends Facebook page — and I started wondering about what other unique little figures are hiding USB secrets. 

Here is a collection of our finds:

For when that idea lightbulb goes off. : )


UK Inspired.


For when you want to run with an idea. Really? YES!


The award for least favorite but most unique goes to this one. Ewwwwe.


If it’s good enough for Gaga, then it’s good enough for EcoJoe, right? Hmmm. 

Will EJ be making his USB debut any time soon? : ) Probably not…but in the meantime these guys should do the trick.

Image sources:  GadgetsSin, IndyGizmo, ThePirata,

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