Which St. Joseph Statue to Buy?

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If you typed in “St. Joseph Statues” on Google, there are tons of different St. Joseph statues available for purchase, as well as different price ranges. Well, which one to buy???

The answer is: whichever one you want. Of course we at EcoJoe are a little biased and we want you to buy an eco-friendly St Joseph Statue, since plastic products are toxic to produce and toxic to be left buried, not to mention they increase the demands on crude oil.

Please keep in mind that the tradition of burying a St. Joseph statue has to come from somewhere. During our research before we put out EcoJoe, we found there are SOOOO many different ways to bury him, not to mention there are different versions of prayers available on the internet. We’ve even read in Wall Street Journal that some mixed up on the tradition of burying St. Joseph with St. Anthony, who was known as a matchmaker, would often be held ransom, upside-down, until he found a husband for someone’s daughter.

The point is, it’s about your intention. The Chinese tradition has an idiom when it comes to praying and asking Gods to grant your wishes: “Xing cheng tze ling, ” which means “If your heart is honest, then the wish will come true.” The St. Joseph tradition is not about making loads of money off your home sale, but your sincere wish to finding the right buyer for a home you once cherished.

Bobblehead Jesus meets Plastic Jesus & Dashboard Jesus at the Reliquary
Photo by teresia
With that said, if you end up buying a plastic one, please please please dig it up after your home is sold! As the plastic statues break down, they release toxins into the earth, which often end up back into our food chain through plants and animals. So please dig your plastic Joes up after you are done!

(Photo: St Joseph’s Altarpiece by Lawrence OP on Flickr)

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