How Do You Bury St. Joseph Statue?

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People ask this often and we’ve heard and found many different versions during our market research:

  • by the for sale sign
  • upside down
  • in the front yard
  • in the back yard
  • facing the street
  • facing away from the street
  • and a combination of couple of different things here
  • you have to dig him back up and place him in a prominent space in your home

Frankly, this is what we think, the tradition is really about the intention you set for selling your house. It is about setting the intention that you want to find a buyer who will be fair, quick and honest in your sale and will take care and cherish the house just as you did. So when you bury the St. Joseph statue, don’t feel so bounded by the rituals or feeling that you are doing something wrong. Just go ahead set the intention and let it go. The St. Joseph statue is just a symbol of your intention and a good luck charm.

To just show you an example, I once had a conversation from a prominent St. Joseph statue vendor telling me that the reason why he tells sellers to bury the St. Joseph statue next to the for sale sign is simply because most people forgot where they buried the statue. This way, they know where to dig when they sold the house.

So, have fun, relax and set the right intention for selling your home!

Photo by Wonderlane

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